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Yave provides fast, easy and transparent mortgages for non-mexican residents.

Up to 20 years, only 15% down, fixed rate
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Yave vs other lenders

With Yave

15% down payment as minimum
Online & remote
Loan approval in 48 hours or less
We accept foreign credit reports
Even easier for mexicans living abroad
Transparent fixed rate of 11.10%
Doesn't matter where you're from

Other lenders

30% down payment as minimum
Painful offline process
Loan approval in 5 to 10 days
Need mexican credit history
Still very difficult
Complex formulas, variable rate
Mostly target US Citizens

Main requirements

Minimum monthly income of $1,170 USD ($22,000 MXN)
Between 25 and 65 years of age
Verifiable, stable income
Good credit history in your home country (USA FICO >= 680)
Yave Mortgage for non-mexican citizens

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Can US citizens buy in Mexico? What about other nationalities?

Yes, US citizens and citizens from any other country can buy in Mexico, although they are subject to some restrictions buying near the beach or border.

Can I buy on the beach if I’m not a Mexican citizen?

Yes! We’ll help you set up a trust so that you can purchase your home while complying with Mexican regulations.

Why do I need a trust to buy on the beach?

Mexican Law forbids direct ownership of properties located 50 KMs from the beach or 100 KMs from the border by non-citizens. Fortunately you can set up an ownership structure through a trust to legally own a beach or border area home in Mexico as a foreigner.

What rights do I have as a non-citizen property owner in Mexico?

Regardless of whether you purchase using a trust or not, you have more or less the same rights as you would have in the United States as a property owner, including the right to use, rent, sell, remodel, etc. Without restriction.

Do I still need a trust if I’m not buying near the beach or border?


Will my loan be in pesos or dollars? How will I be billed?

Your loan is going to be funded and billed in mexican pesos. This aligns the value of your property with your loan!

I’m from Canada, UK, France, Germany, China, some other non-US country. Can I get a loan from Yave?

Although our loan application process is tailored for Americans, we can and have funded loans for all of the above in Mexico. Please note that processing times are slightly longer and additional documentation may be required.

How do I know if I qualify?

The main requirements to qualify for a cross-border mortgage with Yave are being able to put at least 15% down, having a good credit history in your home country, and having verifiable and stable income. Our pre-qualification process is fast, easy and online, so there’s no need to wait to find out.

Can I buy commercial real estate? Or a plot of land to build on?

No. The loan can only be used to buy a property for residential / living purposes that is near-ready to be inhabited.

Can I buy a pre-sale property?

We can only fund your loan once the property is ready for delivery, this means that if you need financing for a downpayment or any kind of prepayment on the property, you would need to look for other alternatives.

How much can I borrow?

That’ll depend on your financial situation, mainly how much income you make every month and how much you owe. If your loan is for more than $500,000 USD (10 million pesos) processing times can increase significantly.

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Yave Mortgage for non-mexican citizens

Get an estimate and find out how much you could borrow in under 3 minutes